We recently wrote a blog post on how times have changed, in the ways that we have now moved on from real Christmas trees to outdoor artificial trees. In a whole new league of it's own, the Ipswich town Christmas tree looks like something from out of space! It has caused a lot of disappointment throughout the town, but then again also a lot of happiness.


The Daily Mail wrote this article on the matter:


"Council lampooned for replacing traditional Christmas tree with a 30ft high stack of 'space-age hamster balls' costing £10,000

28 November 2012


Shoppers have been left outraged after town hall bosses ditched their traditional Christmas tree in favour of a 'futuristic' £10,000 monstrosity.

The towering 21st century ‘tree’ has left people in Ipswich town centre bemused after it appeared this weekend – with one comparing it to 'a load of space-age hamster balls'.

The 30ft Christmas decoration includes 41 aluminium spheres covered in more than 40,000 low energy LED lights.

The tree is part of a brand new £100,000 Christmas display across the town funded by taxpayers and businesses in Ipswich, Suffolk.

The costly display – which includes 250,000 low energy bulbs – was thought up by business bosses in a bid to help attract more shoppers to the town during the festive season.

But shoppers have been less than impressed by the tree.

Mother-of-two Maggie Bailey, 38, from Ipswich, said: 'It looks like a load of space-age hamster balls rather than a Christmas tree.

'I dread to think how much it has cost but surely Christmas is a time of tradition, so why do they have to have an arty tree?

'Children love to see a Christmas tree with all the decorations on but they are hardly going to get excited about this.'

Martin Hall, 64, from Bury St Edmunds, added: 'It is certainly unusual – I guess people will be talking about it so in that respect it could be judged to be a success.

'I certainly wouldn’t want one like this in my living room but maybe I am behind the times.
'It looks quite futuristic but I would not say I am a big fan of it.'

Traditionally Ipswich has celebrated Christmas by erecting a large fir tree in the Cornhill – a market square which has been in use for more than 500 years.

But business leaders – including members of business group Ipswich Central which helped pay for the tree – say the town needed to break from tradition.

Paul Clement, chief executive of Ipswich Central, defended his towns controversial futuristic structure saying its now infamous design will help get people talking about the town. He said: 'This is the most talked about tree in East Anglia – probably in the UK this year.  “Love it or hate it, everyone is talking about it, and thousands of people are heading into Ipswich to see it and make up their own minds. 'Most other towns would give their right arm to have this amount of conversation about them at this time of year.'

But that response didn’t impress traditional shopper Dennis Nedd. He concluded: 'I would have just liked a normal Christmas tree.
'I keep wondering when the real tree and decorations are going to be delivered.'

In Herne Bay, Kent, last week pantomime stars Gareth Gates and Toyah Wilcox were jeered by crowds who were shocked by the 'atrocious' decorations as they tried to turn on the lights.

The pathetic tree did not look like it was in the Christmas spirit with merely a handful of lights – leading residents and business leaders to slam it as having the 'worst decorations in Britain'."


Well, there certainly are some extravagant Christmas tree designs out there, but if traditional is more your thing, then we are the people for you. Our Christmas tree farm is filled with Fraser Firs, Nordman Firs, Pot Grown Christmas trees and much more! 


Not to forget next weekend Santa himself will be stopping off, so be sure to visit the farm yourself to get your requests in to him just in time for the big day!