The real Christmas trees of our farm have certainly taken a handful when it comes to the weather this year. We had record breaking temperatures in March with it being the third warmest March since records began! Then we had the wettest April in 100 years and now we’re back to the glorious summer sunshine.
Our trees are coping well despite the weather conditions, so much so our team have begun the shearing of the sides of the trees and the debugging process! We all know what pests the aphids (more commonly known as Greenflies) can be, and our trees sure feel the same! Alongside the summer tasks mentioned above, we have also applied some seaweed to our trees and soil, as this is a great fertiliser and stimulates the growth of the trees.
With all the preparations we take every year at summer, it means it won’t be long now until we can begin selecting the trees that will be good enough to sell this Christmas! It’s slowly but surely getting closer!