A shocking one in five homes in the UK this year are set to have a real Christmas tree up. There are many debates that take place every year that involve a discussion as to whether real or artificial trees are the way to go. The arguments go round and round in circles and at the end of the day, it all dies down to personal preferences. You either love real trees or you believe artificial trees are the way forward.


The Daily Mail recently published this news post on real Christmas trees in the UK this year:


“‘Just one in five homes’ will have a real tree this Christmas as half of households opt for artificial alternatives

18 November 2012

Fewer than one in five homes will have a real Christmas tree this year as traditions dating back to Queen Victoria melt away, it is claimed.

Just 13per cent will make the annual trek to the garden centre to pick out a real tree that has been grown and harvested for the festive season.

A further five per cent plan to bring in a tree -complete with roots that can be replanted in the New Year.

If the figures are to be believed, these doughty traditionalists – totalling just 18per cent of households – are heavily outweighed by those opting for artificial trees.

The figures come from research by consumer group Which?, which found that around 49per cent of households expect to put up an artificial tree that looks like the real thing.

Another 19per cent will go a step further and have a fake tree that is an artificial colour, perhaps white or a deep red.

Cost may be a factor in people turning away from real trees, with the popular Nordman Fir coming in at £35-£55 for a six foot tree depending on the location.

At the same time, department stores like John Lewis have achieved strong sales for designer paper trees, which provide a tasteful centrepiece for a room without looking much like a Christmas tree at all.

Some may feel that buying a tree to be used and thrown away after just a few weeks is not ‘green’.


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