Although the thought of hacking down a Christmas tree may not seem environmentally friendly, it is more so than purchasing an artificial tree! Many people perceive buying real Christmas trees as contributing to deforestation issues and problems, but in fact most real Christmas trees nowadays are grown on a Christmas tree farm.
If the trees are grown on a farm, you are actually helping save the environment as each time a tree is cut from the farm a new one is planted. Real Christmas trees also photosynthesise during their life which means they take in toxic gases such as Carbon Dioxide and release Oxygen, which we all need to survive. Whilst these real trees contribute to our existence, artificial trees are somewhat damaging our environment and atmosphere. Artificial trees are made out of a plastic consisting of Petroleum, which forms Carbon Dioxide in the process of making it and transporting it.
It is more than easy to say that real Christmas trees are more beneficial for the environment than artificial trees. After all, how easy is it to dispose of your real Christmas tree compared to an artificial one than can’t be burned or decompose?