This week has seen the local Newspaper, the Barnsley Chronicle, taking an interest in what happens on the Christmas Tree Farm during the summer months.  As well as our long distance customers, The Christmas Tree Farm at Billingley has captured the imagination of the local people who enjoy the experience of being able to come up and choose their tree during the festive period.  This truly is a great way to start Christmas, the festive atmosphere, the family of reindeer, the plantations of Nordman Firs and Norway Spruce surrounding the retail site – which for 11 months of the year acts as a grain store – there is nothing better, and the kids love it too!
Our local newspapers and radio stations have also taken a welcome interest in our development since day one. They are secure in the knowledge that there is always some news for a festive story at Christmas, however, they have this year also acknowledged that work goes on all year round and have come to visit us to see what happens during the summer months.  This is great publicity for us of course, but also helps customers to understand what goes into growing a great Christmas Tree.
You’d be surprised how many people have no idea that it takes so long and so much work to get a Christmas Tree to the right shape and size for the public demand. 
The paper has also taken an interest in the local council’s proposals to take half of the land we farm on a long term tenancy to change it from green belt to an industrial estate.  Not quite sure where that will leave us, but it isn’t going to have a positive impact!  That issue however, is completely out of our hands…….
So on a more positive note, please enjoy reading the exerts from the paper and know that we are dedicated to growing fabulous Christmas Trees to help make your Christmas special.