Yes after many great suggestions,  some traditional, some Christmassy some diverse, and some Disney inspired, the winning name was ‘Olaf’ after the snowman in Disney’s Frozen – so I believe.  Yes Andrew and Me must be the only people on the planet who have not actually seen the movie yet although we have it on DVD and the kids have watched it multiple times!  I think it might be time to try and rectify the situation as I anticipate hundreds of ‘Frozen’ references over the coming festive season.  I suspect that had our new arrival not been white and more traditional looking for a reindeer, the winning name may have been Sven – or so I’m told.


Anyway, I am pleased to confirm that Olaf the reindeer is looking gorgeous and he cant wait to meet his adoring public over the next few weeks.  Although, he has some competition as Comet has some mighty fine antlers this year which always astound me with how beautiful they are.  And hopefully they will have kept most of there ‘velvet’ – the soft furry skin which covers them like velvet – up until Christmas.  This usually gets removed during the rutting season when the male reindeer is happy to fight anything going, including old trees! However, Comet has not been rutting this year and the beautiful velvet is still very much in tact.