Continuing with the bizarre, yet fascinating headlines we have been posting about, we have now found out that the maths society of Sheffield University have worked out a formula which enables you to have the right amount of tinsel, lights and baubles!


Seeing as we spend so much time and effort ensuring your real Christmas trees are in pristine condition, it is only right you decorate your trees perfectly.


Have a read of this article the Metro posted on the story:


Treegonometry: Formula for perfect Christmas tree discovered

2 Dec 2012

It may seem artificial but the formula for decorating the perfect Christmas tree has been cracked.

Getting the correct ratio of lights and tinsel is also crucial to lighting up your life, say students at Sheffield University’s maths society.

Their calculations suggest the tree-topping angel or star should be precisely one tenth the size of the tree. The number of lights required is found by multiplying the mathematical constant Pi (3.14) by the height of the tree in centimetres.

For example, a 183cm (6ft) tree needs 574cm of lights (183 x 3.14) or 18ft 9in. But perfection is only obtainable with 37 baubles and 920cm (30ft) of tinsel.

‘The formulas took us about two hours to complete,’ said formula creators Nicole Wrightham and Alex Craig, both 20. ‘We hope they’ll play a part in making Christmas a bit easier for everyone.’

The work was commissioned by department store Debenhams.

Christmas decorations buyer Sarah Theobold said: ‘The formula is so versatile it will work for a tree large enough for the Royal Family at Balmoral but also on trees small enough for modest homes.’


I know we will be trying out this amazing discovery this year, I am certain you lot will too. Let’s face it, it is a strange discovery, but so very useful and handy, especially at this time of year!


So if it’s a fraser fir tree you will be decorating this year or perhaps a pot grown Christmas tree, don’t forget to do your maths first!