Yes, you read that right, it could be argued that the Grinch is back in town! A Christmas tree farm in Scotland woke up to an unpleasant surprise on Monday 26th November, as they noticed 420 Christmas trees were missing.


I don’t know about you, but  to us that sure does sound like something the Grinch would do?!


The Daily Record wrote this online news article on the topic:


Christmas trees bound for Ikea are stolen from farm in Scottish Borders

27 Nov 2012

POLICE are hunting for thieves who stole 420 Christmas trees from a Scottish farm yesterday morning.

Worth more than 10,000, the trees were taken from the Shielsknowe Forestry at Brundenlaws Farm near Jedburgh, in the Borders.

The trees had been wrapped and were stacked on pallets to be sent to the furniture retail giant, Ikea, who are selling the trees for £25 each.

The theft was discovered yesterday morning and Lothian and Borders Police are appealing for anyone who saw anything suspicious or a vehicle in the area on Sunday night.”


Not to worry though, our farm here in Billingley still has plenty of fresh cut Christmas trees available. I guess we will just have to sleep with one eye open at night and listen out for any suspicious noises! The Grinch won’t get away easily from our farm now we know about his new and crazy antics!