Care of your Real Cut Christmas Tree

Once you receive your Christmas Tree you want to ensure it stays beautiful throughout the festive period. Therefore, please consider the following points;

  • When you receive your tree, keep it in a bucket of water outside until you are ready to take it indoors.
  • We advise if possible that you remove the bottom 2cm from the base of the truck. This will remove any sap that may have sealed the base allowing the tree to drink more water.
  • Before taking indoors, bang the netted tree on it's trunk to remove any old, loose needles that may be trapped. These are perfectly normal.
  • Put your tree in the stand before removing the netting. It's much easier to handle.
  • Position your tree, if possible keep your tree away from direct sources of heat such as radiators. Keeping your tree cool will increase its longevity. Once in position you can remove the net.
  • Your tree will drink up to 2 pints of water per day. A water holding stand will increase the lifespan of the tree. If you choose a stand that is not designed to water the tree, Please be aware it will dry out much quicker.
  • Remember, treat your tree the way you would a bunch of cut flowers.
  • Your tree is a living product and responds to being cared for correctly.
Care of your Real Living Christmas Tree

When you receive your living Christmas Tree, You need to decide if you want to take it indoors or if it will remain outside. Either way it can be decorated and enjoyed by all. 


  • If the tree is being kept outside, it can be planted into the ground or a larger container. It is best to do so before the end of February while the tree is still dormant.
  • Your tree will begin to grown during the Spring, if possible feed it with some ordinary plant fertilizer at this stage to help growth and colour.
  • During the warm months, check your tree regularly for aphid and treat with a bug gun as you would a rose.


  • If you are taking your living Christmas Tree indoors, place it away from direct sources of heat.
  • Water your tree regularly to keep the soil moist.
  • After Christmas, do not place the tree straight into the garden. The shock of the extreme temperature changes will stress your tree.
  • Place the tree in a cool area such as a garage where it will be protected from frost and will have chance to acclimatise. The tree can then be planted out before the Spring.