As environmental issues become an ever increasing concern for individuals and companies alike, your choice of Christmas tree is a simple way of adding to your contribution.
Some people believe that cutting a tree down to put in the home for a few weeks is not environmentally sound. The truth is actually completely contrary to this. Christmas Trees are grown as a sustainable crop especially for the market. For every tree that is cut down, another is planted, in some cases, two are planted. The trees are cared for and 'farmed' over a period of several years that it takes for them to be ready for market. This usually provides employment in the local area. In addition, Christmas Trees can also often be grown on land that is unable to produce any other crop.
Like all plant life, Christmas trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Every acre of growing Christmas trees can produce enough oxygen for 18 people. They are also biodegradable and offer a number of recycling opportunities.
The alternative artificial trees are produced from petroleum and as production is usually in the Far East they have a large carbon footprint by just arriving in the country. Furthermore, many of them are not recyclable and last forever in landfill sites.
The ultimate environmental choice is to buy a living pot grown Christmas Tree that can be planted following the festive season. This will then continue to grow rewarding you each year with additional growth on which to add more outdoor lights enhancing the festive spirit.
All the Christmas Trees we offer are grown by ourselves, or by our growing partners within the UK, in managed, sustainable plantations. Furthermore, if you wish we can pick your tree up and recycle it back at the farm.