There are many websites available to buy a Christmas tree from. When choosing where to order, make sure you first ensure the website gives a full trading address and contact details as well as a set of terms and conditions. Failure to offer these could suggest the website is not trustworthy.
The nature of Christmas trees is that they are all unique and as such cannot be compared in the same way as standard products such as DVDs or books. There are many different standards of tree in relation to quality. The best trees cost the most money. Genuine retailers will all be about the same price for top quality trees. Is a tree seems cheap, it will be lower quality. This may not matter to your decision as long as you are aware that you get what you pay for. Some internet shoppers are motivated by price, others by quality and convenience.
Buy from a member of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association who is also a grower. These suppliers will know the most about what they are selling you. Most growers do not grow all varieties, but they tend to work closely with other like minded growers to ensure the quality is maintained.
When you order your tree, you are generally preordering a product that will arrive at the specified time. Don't be afraid to contact the company and discuss any concerns or issues you may have.
If you need your Christmas Tree for a particular date, ensure you order for delivery in advance. Trees purchased on line are delivered by couriers and Christmas is a busy time. Deliver delays are possible.
Expect to pay approximately £10 for your tree to be delivered. This may sometimes be wholly or partially included in the price if the retailer chooses this method.
Always check your tree for damage before signing from the courier. Most websites are unable to claim for damage if the item is signed as received in good condition. This may affect the service you receive.
If you are specific about how you want your tree to look, beware that your idea of a perfect tree will differ from that of other people. When ordering online, remember someone else is going to choose you tree.