The team have been busy shearing Christmas Trees, shaping Nordman Firs and Norway Spruce to make sure that they are perfect for Christmas.  However, as you probably know, Christmas Trees and The Christmas Tree Farm, is only part of the business here at Billingley.
This is the time of year when work really cranks up with regards to the arable aspect of the farm, that is to say, the Wheat, Barley and Oilseed Rape is getting ready to be harvested.  So we will be keeping you up to date over the next few weeks to let you know when the combine starts rolling.
Before that though, there is another important crop that must be harvested between the Christmas Tree work.  Grass.  At this time of year, the grass which has been left without any livestock grazing it, has grown and flowered and is ready to be cut and made into hay or haylage.  This is crucial to ensure there is enough food stored to feed the cattle over the winter months.
So this last couple of weeks, we have been cutting the grass down whilst the weather has been hot, dry and sunny.  This is perfect weather to make hay as the grass dries effectively and makes excellent quality hay which will store over winter to keep the animals fed.
We also supply hay for people who may have horses or pets.  If you are interested please give us a call, we’d be glad to help.  We will also ensure there is some hay available to buy at the retail site over the Christmas period so you can come and look when you choose your Christmas Tree.
The hay is baled into a selection of round and square bales and can also be bagged into smaller bags for people with small pets who may require some.
The majority of this hay will go to feed the Pedigree Limousin herd (Primrose Limousins) which make up part of the farm.  You can find out more about them soon on their own facebook and twitter pages.