If it hasn’t been enough hearing about the tax avoiders Starbucks and Amazon recently, I’m sure hearing £12,000 of taxpayers money being spent by MP’s on Christmas trees will be!


We know that Christmas trees have the ability to lift the mood in the dullest of places, but surely £12,000 worth of trees isn’t necessary?! No matter how much mess the country may be in!


Here is what the Telegraph have to say about the matter:


MPs plan to spend £12,000 on Christmas trees

11 Dec 2012

MPs are planning to spend £12,000 on putting up Christmas trees and decorations this year, the House of Commons has revealed.

Parliamentary authorities also disclosed that the cost of annual Christmas parties for the Speaker, MPs, their assistants and House of Commons staff has tripled since 2009.

More than £4,060 was spent on staff carol receptions last year, with mince pies, mulled wine, sandwiches, wine and soft drinks served in state rooms at the Palace of Westminster.

This compares with just £1,408 in 2009, when just mince pies, mulled wine and soft drinks were on the menu.

Figures about spending on Christmas festivities were released under Freedom of Information laws.

The disclosure shows the parliamentary authorities receive their trees for free from the Forestry Commission but they have a big allowance for decorating and lighting them for Christmas in the House of Commons.

This year, the budget is up to £12,000 to spend on installing the trees and their decorations. The cost is less than the £27,000 spent on trees and their decorations in 2010 but much higher than the £7,000 spent last year.

The House of Commons is governed and managed by group of MPs, led by John Bercow, the Speaker, who make up the House of Commons Commission.

MPs have previously been in trouble over their spending on greenery. Almost £400,000 of taxpayer money was lavished on fig trees to decorate the office block of MPs, known as Portcullis House.

The authorities were spending more than £32,500 per year on renting just 12 fig trees from a private company but they promised to re-negotiate the deal earlier this year.”


In our opinion, here at The Christmas Tree Farm we love these huge Christmas displays out there, but spending taxpayers money shouldn’t be tolerated, especially at such steep prices!


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