The British Christmas Tree Growers Association actively invites growers to come together on several occasions throughout the year to share knowledge and ideas regarding growing and marketing Christmas Trees.  This directly benefits you, our customers, as in ensures we are using best practices and constantly looking to improve either the varieties we offer and the quality of the trees giving consideration to what the tree will ultimately cost the consumer.

On Wednesday last week, the late summer open day was held at Tayside Forestry.  It was a great day and a chance for growers to catch up.  We looked at several plantations of trees, both Nordman and Fraser Firs.  It was particularly interesting to see an entire plantation of thousands of Fraser Firs all at around 6ft in height.  This plantation will have taken years to grow with considerable cost to the grower.  A soil based disease which is impossible to predict, is doing its best to wipe out the entire plantation before the grower has chance to harvest them.

As our customers, I think it is interesting to know what is involved in producing your beautiful trees, and you should be aware that things are not as easy as they may appear.  It never ceases to maze me how many customers say “you only work 6 weeks of the year” – if only……..

However, rest assured, there are lots of lovely trees for the coming season and we look forward to supplying you.