One of the most common dilemmas people encounter when buying their real Christmas tree is choosing the wrong size. The majority of people opt for a tree that is a little larger than they need, in which case they can hack a foot or two off the size. However, how can you extend the size of a tree if it is too small for your desires?
The best techniques to achieving the ideal size of Christmas tree is measuring the area from the ceiling to the floor. Needless to say, you must leave a small amount of space between the top of the tree and the ceiling. The best looking trees often leave around a foot or two between the ceiling and floor. On top of this, you must consider a few more inches in case you wish to use a stand, or possibly more if you are using a bucket and sand to hold your tree in place. Once you have decided upon your ideal size tree, you must think about how your are going to decorate the tree. What use is it having a 9ft tree if you have no ladders to reach the top the decorate it?
Now you have the right dimensions available to order your tree you must think about the type of tree you would like and that is best suited to your needs. If you require a smaller tree, you may be best with a potted tree. Whereas for larger trees a Premium Norway Spruce would be better suited.
We all agree on Christmas trees being a main element of the Christmas season, so don’t let ordering the wrong size tree ruin your Christmas. Ensure you get your measurements right and get your orders in early.