These lovely, comfortable, top-quality, Japanese secateurs are extremely tough and easy to use. They are the number one choice in Japan for professional use. Andrew and the team use them regularly for pruning and shaping the trees, but they are often borrowed to use in the garden as well.

Unlike western brands, which rely on cushioning and gearing for a smooth feel, these have a more direct action, resulting in a very clean, efficient cut.

  • These are 8 inches in size
  • Hitachi Yasugi high carbon steel
  • Rockwell hardness 60.0-61.0
  • Ideal for both heavy-duty or precision work

They also come with a red and white handle, making them easy to spot in the plantation or garden, or even when you’ve thrown them in the back of the truck or shed.

They come with a spare spring, although Andrew has never replaced his yet!

They sharpen quickly and easily with the Okatsune sharpening stone.