Supreme Fraser Fir – Includes chosen day delivery in our freshpack system


The price of your tree includes:

  • A personally selected tree
  • Hand packed in our unique fresh pack system
  • Delivered by our courier on your chosen day*

Order your beautiful Fraser Fir Christmas tree now and let us help make Christmas Special !

The most popular Christmas Trees in the USA. They have dense, highly fragrant foliage and excellent needle retention. Relatively new to the UK, a great alternative to Nordmann. Ideal for those who require a slimmer tree. Notorious for a twist in the leader (where the fairy goes!) – Radiant

100% Quality Guaranteed


Fraser Fir (Abies Fraseri) is native to the United States of America and is the most popular Christmas tree sold in the USA. It was named after the Scottish Botanist John Fraser. The foliage of the Fraser Fir Christmas Tree is relatively soft and deep green in colour. The undersides of the needles have a silver tinge which give the tree a blue green colour when viewed overall. This variety of Christmas Tree has a superb aroma which is fresh and citrus in quality. The needle retention is excellent and compactness of the variety makes them slimer in comparison to other varieties. This Christmas Tree would be a great choice if space is of a premium.

*delivery date is not guaranteed, the courier network is very busy at this time of year, but we will do our best