Our Interview With The Star Newspaper


We are honored to have recently been visited by The Star who produced a great video and article about our family-run farm.

Andrew spills all in the video interview about how our year is spent here at The Christmas Tree Farm, and what work is involved in order to provide fresh, quality real Christmas trees to our customers.

The Star describes our business as “Not bad for a family who slipped into the trade unexpectedly after the devastation of the foot and mouth crisis, in 2001.”, in response to Andrew’s quote of “If you see a tree anywhere on TV over the festive period, chances are it’s one of ours.”

Read the full article right here.

Send the gift of a real Christmas tree

This Christmas why not send a loved one the gift of a Christmas tree? We know this may sound a little odd, but just think, they are getting something they will only have to buy themselves and it will be a huge surprise! Just think of the look on their faces when they come home to a real Christmas tree or answer the door and there it is on the doorstep.
Our nationwide delivery service allows you to send the tree straight to your stated address on a date on your choice.
So, treat someone you know this year to a real Christmas tree from The Christmas Tree Farm.

Radiators and real Christmas trees

Every year, radiators are the reason behind the “death” of hundreds of real Christmas trees. Without knowing and thinking about it, you wouldn’t think twice about placing your Christmas tree infront of a radiator, but as you do this you are subjecting your tree to a life of torture!


The heat that is given off from the radiator will “cook” the Christmas tree, causing the needles to die and gradually fall off.


We understand that sometimes the most convenient place for your new tree is next to the radiator, but we must warn you, the closer the tree is to the heat, the more likely it is to lose it’s needles and die off. If there is absolutely no other place for the tree to go, be sure to keep the water levels topped up on the tree, as this should stop it from drying out.


REMEMBER: To check the water levels of your tree on a daily basis.


If you would like any more advice on how to care for your real Christmas tree, or any other Christmas tree information, don’t hesitate to call us on 01709 895162 or email the team at enquiries@thechristmastreefarm.co.uk

Are you in the Christmas spirit yet?

Last night, Meadowhall held their annual Christmas Light Switch On Charity Concert. Capital FM were the hosts of the concert and were joined by X Factor’s “Union J”, YouTube stars “The Vamps” and the 2013 rising star “Little Nikki”!


I don’t know about you, but seeing the millions of lights and decorations around Meadowhall really does put us in the Christmas spirit. This year the shopping centre is filled with white, silver and glittery blue coloured decorations, giving it a real wintery feel. Take a look at the photo on the right hand side of this page to see for yourself!


Are you the kind of person who just doesn’t get into the Christmas spirit until the month of December? Well, why not kick-start it all off by treating the kids to a visit to see Santa at our farm this December? This year Santa has dedicated TWO weekends of his time to come and visit our farm, the dates being 7th-8th December 2013 and 14th-15th December 2013. Whilst at the farm, you will also be able to pick out a fresh cut real Christmas tree, browse our Christmas shop and meet our resident reindeer!


If you would like to get in touch with us about any questions you may have regarding our trees, farm or anything Christmas related, feel free to call us on 01709 895162 or email our team at enquiries@thechristmastreefarm.co.uk.