Introducing our charity of choice for 2013, ‘Heart Link Glenfield’

Introducing our charity of choice for 2013 – Heart-Link – Glenfield
As most of you know, each year we choose a charity to support both from The Christmas Tree Farm and Billingley Christmas Trees Ltd.  This year we have chosen a small, special charity called Heart Link which is based in Glenfield Hospital in Leicester.  You can read more at their website
If you are wondering why we have chosen this charity, then let me explain:
It all stems from a special little girl called Amelia Rose
Amelia  is 2 years old and lives in Doncaster with her parents and her little brother Max who is 1.  She was born with Downs Syndrome and a heart problem.  She is a beautiful, happy little girl and her mummy is a good friend of ours.
Ameila went into hospital in September for major heart surgery.  The surgery was not as successful as they’d hoped and Amelia has remained in Glenfield hospital since and undergone many further surgical procedures, including more major heart surgery.  She is currently fighting for her life, and what a little fighter she is proving to be by getting this far.
Whilst Amelia is in hospital, her parents are having to travel backwards and forwards from Doncaster in turn as Max needs looking after at home.  The costs of travel and parking are an extra worry at an already horrendous time.  This charity helps families in this situation and in honour of Amelia we have chosen to support it this year.
If this story touches your heart as you think of you own children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, then we have set up a special promotion code HEART.  Enter this at the checkout when ordering your Christmas trees online and we will donate to Heart-Link.
We will also be collecting for the charity in the retail site at Billingley.  Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter @TCTF where we will keep you upt to date with Amelia’s progress as well  as the usual info about Christmas Trees.

A fun day out for all the family at The Christmas Tree Farm!

During the upcoming weeks to Christmas, there’s nothing better than enjoying the festive spirit with great days out! The first thing that springs to people’s minds when thinking about fun trips out for the kids, is a visit to Santa’s grotto at the local shopping centre. Have you ever thought about a trip to The Christmas Tree Farm? We have helped put huge smiles on thousands of faces from young to old.
A visit to our farm involves taking an exciting adventure around our hundreds of trees, taking a close look at each one, until you finally find the one for you. You will be amazed at how fun choosing your own Christmas tree actually is!
Alongside making the decision of which tree you would like, you will also be able to see our resident reindeers! The reindeers never fail to please the younger visitors of the farm, but we’re certain you’ll love them just as much as the kids.
Christmas melodies, mince pies and our Christmas shop can also be found on our farm, so whatever your tastes, there will definitely be something for you.
Please visit our main website for full details on how to get here, and to find out when Santa himself visits our farm!

Korean Fir Christmas trees are now available from The Christmas Tree Farm!

We are proud to announce you are now able to order a Korean Fir real Christmas tree from right here at The Christmas Tree Farm!


The Korean Fir is not a well-known tree, however it is becoming an increasingly popular choice of Christmas tree here in the UK. The reasons for the increase in demand for Korean Firs is more than likely due to the astonishing appearance of the trees. The needles are a brilliant bright green colour, along with a silver under side, which can clearly be seen as the needles tend to curve upwards.


There is also a lovely, refreshing aroma given off the trees, so not only do they look great, they also smell as good.


Why not try something different this year and choose a Korean Fir tree for your home?