Has your workplace ordered their real Christmas tree yet?


The sight of the shining Christmas tree in the office or foyer of a workplace always manages to brighten up your early mornings whilst you are working away. It does have to be a real Christmas tree of course, these artificial ones just don’t have the same effect. There’s nothing quite like the fresh perfume of a real Christmas tree and the way they feel so soft to touch. How can you go wrong when they are so easy to set up, simple to care for and easy to dispose of once Christmas is over is?

Every year real Christmas trees seem to be becoming more and more popular in workplaces so it is vital you get yours ordered early! Whether it’s for a shop window or to brighten up the office mood, we will be able to cater for your needs. By simply getting your orders in early to us (preferably anytime from now onwards) we can ensure your tree will meet all your requirements. Just let us know the type of tree you would like, the height and width this way you can guarantee we will have your tree ready for you once the season arrives. On top of this, we can even deliver the tree right to your doorstep!

We know everyone wants to be at home at Christmas time but the workplace doesn’t have to be as miserable as it seems. Why not brighten up any workplace by placing a wonderfully decorated tree where all staff and customers can see it. We all love to get in the Christmas spirit, and a tree is one way to trigger it!

Christmas is approaching at The Christmas Tree Farm!

We know Christmas is 6 months (half a year!) away but here at The Christmas Tree Farm our preparations start early. We have begun with planting plenty of:

The trees are doing extremely well considering the weather conditions we’ve had recently and should be strong and healthy come the early winter months! We are already selling our Pot Grown Christmas Trees so why not pop down to the farm and pick out your very own tree. After all, they can last year after year! You might even catch a glimpse of Patch and Fudge (the resident Donkeys) if you’re lucky! Or perhaps a peacock or two in the treetops.

It may only be May, but you can never be too prepared. Especially as we seem to be selling out earlier and earlier each year, so why not come down today and buy your very own Pot Grown Tree. That way you will definitely avoid the mad rush for trees in December.