Our Christmas Trees

Our TreesHere at Billingley Christmas Tree Farm we offer several varieties of Christmas Trees from our retail site. These include;

  • Nordman Fir – The most popular low drop variety in the UK with lovely, soft, deep green needles
  • Norway Spruce – The traditional Christmas tree with short, prickly needles and a great aroma. This variety has poor needle retention.
  • Fraser Fir – The US favourite, growing in popularity in the UK. This variety has soft green needles that are silver on the underside and have a lovely citrus aroma.
  • Pot Grown Trees – We have a range of varieties of Christmas tree which have been grown in their pots all their life and are therefore perfect for planting in the garden or in a tub.

The Nordman and Norway Spruce can be seen growing around the farm along with less common varieties such as Blue Spruce and Serbian Spruce. Feel free to walk in the plantations and see how your trees are grown. You will see that for us, quality is paramount.

Check out our great tips for looking after your tree Tree Care

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